Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Dev Explains Why a Release Date Announcement at Gamescom Is Unlikely

TaleWorlds’ Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord is currently one of the most anticipated PC games, especially for medieval RPG fans, so this news might be a little disappointing.

Fans of the series were hoping for a release date announcement at Gamescom, which kicks off in just a few days. However, the studio felt its best to let them know there won’t be any release date announcements, as well as providing a lengthy and thorough explanation as to why it is not the right time.

Before the hype goes through the roof: no, we won’t announce a release date for Bannerlord at Gamescom. Of course, we know that you just can’t wait to know when you will be able to play Bannerlord, and we certainly appreciate your excitement for the game – we know that impatience is just a reflection of the love people have for the Mount & Blade series. Over the preceding days, months and, well, years, you have repeatedly asked us why we can’t just tell you a date – even if it’s just an estimation, a window of release. Well, let’s address the elephant in the room…

We have not disclosed a release date so far because it does not exist. We don’t work like that. We are not a company who sets a timeline to release a product and then works to meet that deadline. We are TaleWorlds Entertainment: we create games because we love making them, and we want them to be the best games that we can possibly make. We think that our fans don’t deserve less than our best efforts, our total commitment. We don’t believe in releasing a game before it is ready just because we might miss the hype.

To read the entire post and a more clear explanation as to why TaleWorlds feels it’s not the right time for a release date announcement, head over to the Steam community forums.