Try to Save the Earth from Alien Invasion in Megaton Rainfall; Coming to PS4 and PC in September

Ever wanted to save humanity from a planet-wide alien invasion? Well, developer Alfonso del Cerro has you covered.

Megaton Rainfall is a first-person action VR title, pitting you against gigantic aliens. Your job is to protect the planet and targeted cities while doing your best to not destroy them yourself, something a lot of superheroes do in comics and movies. The game features a “real-size Earth,” with a very fast travelling system so you can reach your destination and get prepared before the aliens arrive.

Megaton Rainfall releases on PC and PS4, with full VR support, 4K resolution and 60 frames-per-second. Here is the game’s main features:


  • Unprecedented freedom of movement. Accelerate from 0 to mach 10 in 5 seconds, fly around a real-size-Earth, get out of the atmosphere, the solar system and even the Milky Way in less than 1 minute from any location.
  • Unprecedented scale of destruction. You can destroy entire skyscrapers (unintentionally) when you miss your target… Just like the aliens, if you let them to do so.
  • Highly adaptive soundtrack. Reacting to every bit of the action.
  • Innovative visual effects. Featuring procedural real time exploding/slicing/collapsing of buildings, and an Universe-scale rendering engine.
  • VR compatibility. For even greater immersion.

Megaton Rainfall releases on September 26. Make sure to check out the announcement trailer below: