Life Is Strange: Before the Storm Explains Why Game Is Shorter Than The Original

Developer Deck Nine Games’ prequel to the successful point-and-click adventure Life is Strange, Life is Strange: Before the Storm, is going to only be three episodes long.

Lead Writer Zak Garriss was recently featured in an interview with GameSpot, where he discussed the reason behind making Life is Strange: Before the Storm shorter than its predecessor, even if it’s just acts as a prequel.

When we were first talking to Square about what we would do with the IP and what kind of a story we would tell in Arcadia Bay, we weren’t looking at a particular length over another. We were contemplating stories of all shapes and sizes. What really it came down to is: the story we found that, for Chloe in this chapter of her life, it genuinely felt like about a three-episode story.

Garriss continued to discuss how the storyline will take place without Max’s time-bending powers. Chloe’s journey will mainly focus on your interactions and the relationships you build with the game’s various characters.

We’ve designed the concept to be a very branching in its complexity, and the farther along you go in the story the more and more different sort of scenes you might see versus what I might see. Based on that, we always focus on the relationships that you’ve developed with the characters versus their relationships that I’ve developed. So I think there is a lot of replayability in this experience. I am curious about the ways in which Max, as a character, is prone to second-guess, is prone to kind of rewind and try something else. And I think that encourages trying different solutions; where Chloe just barrels through a problem, she’s just going to deal with whatever the aftermath could be.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm Episode 1 releases on August 31 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.