F1 2017 Dev Confirms HDR Support on Consoles; Reveals More Career Mode Details

Codemasters’ upcoming iteration of the Formula 1, F1 2017, will support HDR. However, it will only be on consoles.

Codemasters’ Creative Director Lee Mather spoke with WCCFTech, and revealed that F1 2017 will indeed feature HDR support on consoles but not on PC.

The game engine evolves from year to year and we are very comfortable working with it. The more we use it, the more we develop it and that helps push the game forward. With regard to HDR, we will support it on Xbox One S and PS4 Pro as well as Xbox One X.

He continued to reveal some of the major changes and improvements coming to the game’s revamped career mode.

The introduction of the classic cars has obviously been the headline news but there are a lot of other changes we are making to the core game, especially the career mode and championship mode.

We wanted to create a fuller career mode with a deeper, more intricate Research and Development (R&D) element than last year when we had a very linear system. The new system is more akin to a skill tree that you would see in other games and works very well.

You earn the resource points to spend on R&D in the new practice programs, but this year the upgrades won’t always be successful, just like in the real sport. You, therefore, have to think carefully about where you are going to spend your points. For example, are you better off working on your pit stop efficiency rather than on a different area of the car? These are the calls you will have to make.

You will also have to take far more care of elements such as your gearbox and engine as having to change them during a race weekend will earn you a grid penalty, just like in the real sport. In terms of other game modes, we will be talking about Championship Mode very soon.

F1 2017 releases on August 25th for PS4, Xbox One and PC.