Nioh Update 1.16 Introduces Skill-Based PvP Mode, Increases Level Cap and More

Team Ninja’s brutal RPG title, Nioh, recently received update 1.16.

Update 1.16’s main highlight is the introduction of a new skill-based player-vs-player mode, with players’ gears, weapons and skills getting adjusted when entering the mode for balance issues. Reddit users translated the update’s Japanese changelog, so here is the update’s main highlights.

  • New feature: Skill-based PVP mode. All your gear / skills / and so on are heavily adjusted to force a balanced encounter.
  • Level cap increased to 550.
  • More Amrita from WotW missions.
  • More Amrita form Level 500 enemies and above.
  • Some changes to Iai and SotC; hit-box adjustments? Some stun/knockdown adjustments so that we can no longer chain them on a Ki-depleted enemy?
  • Non-charged SotC hit detection adjustments?
  • Charged SotC will cost more stamina.
  • Lots of changes to a weapon (large tattoo? Axe? Odachi? Spear?) skill that has shockwaves and translates to “Torpedo”?
  • The new horse spirit’s dash attack damage nullification buff will be shorter in PVP.

A couple of weeks back, Nioh received the Defiant Honor DLC, adding new weapons, new armour, new items and much more. The game is exclusively available on PS4.