ARK Park VR Receives New Trailer; Showcases Game’s Tower Defence Combat System

ARK Park VRthe spin-off title inspired by ARK: Survival Evolved, received a new trailer, showcasing the game’s tower defence combat system and more.

The studio was present during China Joy, where they discussed several aspects of the game but mainly focused on its tower defence gameplay, what will the player face and customisation options.

The new trailer revealed a first look of the tower defense combat system in ARK Park. After players collect enough resources, unlock engrams and forge their weapons, they can head out to defend the attacks of raging dinosaurs. Players enter the world, first arriving at the Space Station, where they will customize their avatar and choose between single and multi-player experiences.  They’ll participate in a multiplayer tour, so they can share the visceral gameplay and the thrill of witnessing dinosaurs up-close and personal.

An extension of the ARK: Survival Evolved franchise, ARK Park takes players on a pre-historic journey where they can battle, play with, tame and learn about more than 100 creatures from the ancient era. ARK Park aims to be the most true to life realization of a virtual reality attraction, filled to the brim with fascinating Jurassic creatures and adrenaline pumping gameplay. ARK Park will launch in Q4 2017 on the three leading VR platforms: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR.

ARK Park VR releases later this year for PlayStation VR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Make sure to check out the trailer below: