God of War Director Hints at Future Titles; “I Have an Arc in My Head That Goes Well Beyond this Game”

God of War is definitely one of the most anticipated first-party titles of 2018, and fans of the franchise can rest assured this won’t be the last God of War title we will see.

Director Cory Barlog revealed in a recent interview with the Daily Star that he has already visualised a specific story arc for Kratos and he aims to reach its end, even if it means more titles.

For me, I am just trying to get this game done. But I will say that when I chose this story, I had chosen it because I already outlined and mapped out stories for multiple games. I have an arc in my head that goes well beyond this game and everything that we are doing in God of War, to me, is very much building towards that.

Like, you see the second God of War game and it ends with Kratos going up to Olympus. Everybody said that it was the stupidest decision like why are you doing this, nobody wants a cliffhanger ending. But I was like, whatever, this is awesome. This is telling people more to come, this is great.

And with this game, I think people know that we’re going to be here for a while. Me personally, I know I’ve got a couple more of these in me.

Nobody will ever say no to another God of War title. God of War releases in 2018 exclusively for the PS4.