The Banner Saga PlayStation Vita Port Cancelled


Developer Stoic’s unique art style, engaging storyline and tough combat system all contributed to the success The Banner Saga franchise is currently enjoying. However, sadly, the studio won’t be able to bring its creation to Sony’s PlayStation Vita.

A PlayStation Vita version of the game was reportedly in the works, but got cancelled back in 2015 due to lack of resources. The studio revived the Vita version development after partnering up with Sony a couple of weeks later. Developer Stoic and publisher Versus Evil decided to cancel the port once and for all, with a lengthy message explaining why.

“Development on Vita was progressing well enough, but due to the various unique engine aspects of Banner Saga, we found making the game portable was not so easy.

Specifically, the unique nature of the engine work needed to get the game running on Vita required the game being playable on Vita, making it virtually impossible to do normal testing throughout the process. Once we did get the game running, we ran into significant performance snags that eventually led to the final decision; we need to suspend development. This was a hard decision to make for all parties, but it was mutual across the board.

The game needs a lot more time to get it to the conditions we expect for Vita and Banner Saga fans. To add to this, it does not include a lot of the finishing touches and updates the Stoic team has since launched on the other platforms. Essentially, it would take more time and funding to make this port a reality and despite the best efforts from multiple studios, we have all agreed that this is the best course of action for right now.”

The Banner Saga originally released back in 2014 for PC, then was brought to PS4 and Xbox One consoles in January 2016. Would you have liked to see the game come to PlayStation Vita?