Days Gone Alternate Playthrough Trailer Showcases How Weather “Significantly Impacts The Experience”

PS4’s upcoming post-apocalyptic exclusive, Days Gone, was present during E3 2017. Certain personnel were taken backstage to witness an alternative playthrough to the one showcased on stage, and demonstrate how different weather can affect the players’ experience drastically.

Creative Director John Garvin commented throughout the video and mentioned different ways players can approach the situation.

All of these features work together to create a dynamic, open-world experience. When Deacon rides out to save his friend, the weather, time-of-day, dynamic events, and playstyle preferences can change the experience pretty dramatically. In the Media Showcase demo, Deacon weaponizes a Swarm and uses it to attack the Marauder camp, while in the alternate-path demo, he goes in guns blazing. And these aren’t the only ways to play it.

What if you wanted to try to stealth the entire camp? What if you had a sniper rifle, a lot of ammo, and a perch way up on the bridge near that waterfall? What if you wanted to ride through the camp on your Drifter Bike, tossing Molotovs left and right? How you play is up to you.

Days Gone is a PS4 exclusive, however, the title doesn’t have a set release date as of the time of writing. Make sure to check out the alternate playthrough below: