Killing Floor 2 Update 1.08 Kicks Off Summer Sideshow Seasonal Event, Adds New Map and More

Tripwire Interactive‘s chaotic and action-packed zombie-killing title, Killing Floor 2, recently received update 1.08, kicking off its Summer SideShow seasonal event, adding a new map and new mini-games.

The update is reportedly around 6.9GB, but that’s understandable considering the size of content it adds to the game. Here is everything included in update 1.08:

Introducing Summer SideShow Zeds Including

  • The Bearded Lady
  • The Strong Pound
  • The Monkey Man
  • Pukey The Clown
  • And More!

New Map – The Tragic Kingdom

  • Including interactive traps – if you want to use them keep the power on!

New Mini Games With Prizes (Join the Tragic Kingdom Cleanup Crew by winning the official uniform)

  • Pop The Clot
  • Dunk The Bloat
  • Feed The Pound

8 Weekly Outbreaks With Prizes

  • Bobble Zed – That can’t be good for their necks
  • Beefcake – The bigger they are, the harder you fall
  • Boom – Under Pressure; may explode
  • Zed Time – All the Zed Time in the world
  • Up, Up, and Decay – Try to make 99 Death Balloons
  • Poundemonium – All Fleshpounds, all the time, even the boss….
  • Tiny Terror – A small threat is still a threat

2 New Weapons

  • SPX 464 Centerfire
  • HZ 12 Shotgun

New Cosmetics

  • Unlockable Sideshow Cosmetic Items
  • New Bundles: Hazmat Uniform Bundle, Horzine Mark 7 Uniform Bundle
  • New Crate Items: Firefighter Cosmetic set

The Summer Sideshow event ends on August 8th, and it marks the first seasonal event for Killing Floor 2. The seasonal event introduces a circus-themed map, which features The Tragic Kingdom quest, and upon completion, it grants players the Sideshow Hazmat Suit.

The Summer Sideshow introduces a host of new content to Killing Floor 2 and new ways to play during the one-month course of its event. The centerpiece of that new content is a new circus-themed map, complete with outrageous circus freak zeds that make scary clowns look like cute cuddly puppies. There will be a new set of specific objectives for this map, entitled “The Tragic Kingdom”, which upon completion will unlock the exclusive Sideshow Hazmat Suit (good for keeping clown blood-stained cotton candy from getting stuck to players). The Tragic Kingdom is a scary place, so players will have to make good use of the two new weapons included in the update: the HZ12 Shotgun is for the Support Perk only and the Centerfire Lever Action is primarily for Sharpshooter and Multi-Perk with Gunslinger.

There will be plenty of other cosmetic items to unlock as well; over 50 different items obtainable by earning tickets during normal gameplay that can be exchanged for things like new face paints. There will be some paid cosmetic DLC as well, that players can purchase through the shop.

Are you excited for the Summer Sideshow event?