Ubisoft Aims to “Break Some Molds” With Far Cry 5; Events Feel Close to Current Real Life Situations

Ubisoft is experimenting a lot of new features with Far Cry 5, with the franchise’s latest entry becoming the first instalment to ever feature character creation as well as the first time ever to be set in the United States of America.

Ubisoft’s Game Director Dan Hay was recently featured in an interview with EDGE in their latest August issue, where he discussed how the studio had to make some tough decisions and abandon certain features because they want to ship the game in time. Not only that, he also mentioned the studio’s ambition to “break some molds” set by previous Far Cry titles.

When you build games, there are always those heartbreaking moments where you have to leave features on the cutting-room floor because you have to ship. But this is a game where we want to test ourselves. This is a game where we want to try and move some things around and break some molds.

I think games are really maturing to the point where you can tell great stories and, almost in the same vein as they do on television and in movies, put someone into an environment where you’re challenging them and telling them something unique – you’re giving them an experience that they can’t get anywhere else.

He continued to describe the setting and storyline as fitting to today’s real-life events and situations.

Typically, when you’re making a game, you’re earnestly working on it and you’ve got your nose to the grindstone. When you get up to take a smoke break, or go outside and take some fresh air, you walk out into a world that’s remarkably different to the one you’re making.

That’s not necessarily the case on this game, and it’s a very strange feeling to go outside and have people around you talking about things that could be in your game. But putting the player against somebody who really does believe that they’re doing right by humanity, at a moment in time where that seems to be a theme in the world…that just feels right.

Far Cry 5 releases on February 27 next year for PS4, Xbox One and PC.