Fan Fears New Super Meat Boy Has Subpar Controls; Team Meat Replies with Series of Hilarious Tweets

Since its release back in 2010, and Super Meat Boy has received numerous award nominations and managed to win more than a few.

Developer Team Meat, the studio behind Super Meat Boy, is currently working on a spin-off title, Super Meat Boy Forever. A fan of the series wanted to make sure the upcoming game has the franchise’s iconic controls and level design, to which the studio replied that making a Super Meat Boy game without these two things would be “f****ing stupid.” Team Meat continued to bring up famous titles and the thing they are mostly known for and comparing them to Super Meat Boy in hilarious fashion. Here are all the replies, enjoy.

The team however reassured fans that they will know specifically why it’s called Super Meat Boy Forever during PAX, and that it’s not an endless runner title.