Darksiders 2: The Demon Lord Belial DLC Rampages Onto PS3, Xbox 360 and PC

Darksiders 2

The third DLC for Darksiders 2 has been confirmed for release today on the Xbox Live, PS3 and PC. Titled The Demon Lord Belial, the new DLC will set you back $10 or 800 MS Points depending on where you decide to get it. It's "free" for owners of the Darksiders 2 DLC Season Pass because it's a part of what you pay for. 

The Demon Lord Belial expansion sees Death seeking out the remnants of humanity who survived the end of days, where he encounters Belial in his journeys. 

“Little has been said of the struggles on Earth besides the story given to WAR by the Charred Council. Rumors have now surfaced that perhaps the Third Kingdom was not completely destroyed, and remnants of humanity still yet survive! It falls upon Death to seek out the truth and unearth a forgotten evil… The Demon Lord Belial.”

THQ and Vigil Games have put out a screenshot to accompany the release of the DLC, which you can see above the fold. 

The publisher released the previous major DLC, The Abyssal Forge, back in October. The DLC added a new swamp region called the Shadow Lands and two major dungeons for the player to explore. Within the previous DLC, players had to deal with a character known as the Mad Smith, who planned to unleash chaos upon the realms with an army of constructs. 

No release for the Wii U version of Darksiders 2 has been announced, so we can only assume that it's either been delayed or not planned for the Nintendo console. We'll update the story once the information becomes available.