SOMA Dev Future Titles Include “A Proper Horror Game” and The Other Focuses on Narrative and Mystery

Frictional Games is putting the money gained from SOMA into good use. The studio revealed back in May they are currently working on two simultaneous titles, but refrained from providing any more information. The titles have been since codenamed as Secret 1 and Secret 2.

In our recent interview with Creative Director Thomas Grip, we tried to get any hints on these two projects, and managed to get some interesting answers. Grip revealed that one of them is in “full production,” while the other is in its early research and development stages.

Q: You said that due to the success and the money gained from SOMA, Frictional Games started working on two new secret projects. Let’s discuss those for a bit.

A:It felt like the right move to make. If you are a one project studio, it can take 3-5 years between each release. This is both risky financially and it is drains on your motivation to not be part of game releases more often. On top of that it is a big problem to have more than half of the dev team not having anything to do when a project is over. We solve all of these problems by having two projects and that is what we are currently aiming for. It has been a lot more work setting up that I initially thought, but feels like we have gotten the most important bits working now.

We now have one project in full production and another that is in the early R&D stages.

Later in the interview, we mentioned Frictional Games’ history in developing successful horror games, specifically the Amnesia series and SOMA, so will the two new titles be horror related? Apparently, one of them will try and explore further the narrative and mystery elements such as the ones present in SOMA, while the other will be a “proper horror game.”

Q: Your games, namely the Amnesia series and SOMA, are known for having a unique atmosphere, should fans expect the same from the two upcoming titles?

A:Yes. Making sure to create a thick and immerse atmosphere is one of our core goals as a studio. However, we will not just be focused on horror games, but want to expand our repertoire. The narrative aspects of SOMA resonated a lot more with people than what the horror did, and we want to explore that path further. This means that one of our upcoming games will not be a straight up horror game, but have more focus on narrative and mystery. This doesn’t mean that we will be abandoning horror though. In fact, one of our upcoming games is a proper horror game.

Frictional Games is known for their excellent work on horror titles, and we are definitely looking forward to any reveals.