4A Games Didn’t Reveal Metro Exodus Silent Because “3 Years Ago,” It “Was Almost Impossible”

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4A Games pleasantly surprised their fans by announcing Metro Exodus, the upcoming instalment in the Metro franchise.

Creative Developer Andriy Prokhorov revealed in a recent interview with Polygon that the studio was already hard at work on the title for three years now, but couldn’t announce the title because they didn’t even think they were capable of developing it.

Why have we kept silent for so long? Because three years ago, we thought this game was almost impossible.

He continued to mention Metro series’ author Dmitry Glukhovsky as the person always pushing the series to new boundaries and explore unknown territories to the franchise.

It’s really hard work, because [Glukhovsky] is very passionate in person. He’s always trying to get us to do more. ‘Let’s do that!’ Well, you know, it’s technically not impossible, but it’s just not possible. ‘But why?!’

Finally, Prokhorov expressed his happiness towards finally presenting their hard work to the public, and thanked Metro’s fans for their patience and continued support.

We are so proud to finally be able to reveal our next Metro game to the world, and would like to thank all the Metro fans for their patience. Metro Exodus has been in development for three years between our Malta and Kyiv studios, and represents our most ambitious project yet.

Metro Exodus releases next year for PS4, Xbox One and PC.