Killzone Shadow Fall Director Resigns from Guerilla Games

Killzone Shadow Fall was one of PS4’s launch titles and received favourable reviews. Sadly, the game’s director recently announced his departure from Guerilla Games.

Killzone Shadow Fall Game Director Steven ter Heide announced his departure from Guerilla Games via Twitter, thanking the studio for the wonderful memories as well as the memorable titles and adventures.

After 12 years I have left @Guerrilla to start something new. Being part of a studio that has achieved amazing things with Killzone, RIGS, and Horizon has been fantastic. I have been extremely lucky to have worked with so many talented and great people and have so many great memories. Starting up something new is going to be a big adventure that I am excited about.

Guerrilla Games replied to his tweet and thanked Steven ter Heide for his 12 years of hard work at the studio. Guerilla Games is enjoying the massive success of their latest title, Horizon Zero Dawn. In fact, the game recently received an update adding a New Game+ mode, a new Ultra Hard difficulty and improves the game’s overall experience. What do you think of Steven ter Heide’s departure from Guerilla Games?