SOMA DLC Was Scrapped Due to Lack of Time and Resources; Dev Discusses SOMA VR Possibility

Frictional Games’ psychological-horror title, SOMA, was definitely one of the pleasant surprises of this year’s gaming releases.

Luckily, we got the chance to sit down with Frictional Games’ Creative Director Thomas Grip to discuss some of the studio’s plans for SOMA as well as their future plans regarding upcoming titles. We asked Grip whether Frictional Games ever considered releasing an expansion for SOMA, considering its success, to which he answered affirmatively. Grip mentioned a DLC was actually in the works, however, due to the studio’s ambition to work on a bigger project, they decided to abandon the DLC since they felt it didn’t do the game justice.

Q: Are there any plans to release an expansion DLC for SOMA and/or a sequel?

A: There was talks about making a DLC close after finishing the first game. The idea was to make something smaller while we started up the next big project. However, it didn’t feel we had good enough ideas or resources to make sure the DLC did the full game justice. SOMA heavily relies on presenting various philosophical questions and making them work in a game space. This takes a lot of work to get right and we felt we couldn’t do that for a DLC while simultaneously working on a bigger project. So we scrapped those plans.

He continued to discuss bringing SOMA’s unique experience to the VR world, but the studio’s main problem is time.

Q: Is there any chance for us to see SOMA come to VR or is it not within the studio’s current plans?

A: We have been looking into VR and we have some ideas, but the problem is having enough time. We have to weight it against other things we want to do and also see how the platform evolves.

Do you think SOMA would do well as a VR title?