Destiny 2 Director Discusses Changes Planned As a Result of Fan Feedback

Bungie’s Destiny 2 is one of the most anticipated titles of 2017, and the studio is willing to change and improve the game according to the feedback received.

Game Director Luke Smith was recently featured in an interview with PlayStation Lifestyle, where he discussed the importance of feedback and how the studio’s development team adopted the feedback and is willing to improve the game’s experience accordingly.

I think that so few people have touched the game so far, and a bunch of the valuable feedback comes from playing. As we continue to expand the number of folks who are getting hands on and getting playtime with the game, we’ll learn more. Here at E3 we have a bunch of the DRE content with the Arcstrider that we’ve added into the mix. The Beta is going to be a similar extension with a couple of little new things and that’s going to come out in July, so it’s an opportunity to get more people with their hands on the game and see what they think.

Luckily, Smith said that none of the feedback revealed was “terribly surprising,” after all, they are capable of predicting some of the elements people will raise concerns about.

There wasn’t anything terribly surprising about what people said on the negative side. We can certainly predict a bunch of that. I think on the positive side I was really happy with the team’s execution, both us and Activision, and the amazing stage crew. The execution and quality was just great. I could not have been prouder of both the presenters and just of the entire venue– it was awesome, just everyone involved did a great job and it exceeded what I was hoping for. I went and did the hard thing after it was over of watching the whole thing, and you have to watch yourself, and it’s as bad as listening to yourself on a podcast where you’re like I can’t believe I sound that way.

Destiny 2 releases on September 6 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.