Wolfenstein II Dev Believes Games Are The “Pinnacle Art Form at This Point in Time.”

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It’s debatable whether you believe video games are a form of art or just another entertainment outlet. Even people within the industry themselves are split on the matter. Machinegames’ Creative Director Jens Matthies shared his personal view on the matter when he spoke with Metro GameCentral during E3, and he strongly believes that video games are the pinnacle form of art nowadays.

I don’t know, I sometimes think about: is this a meaningful way to be spending my time? But that is the bigger question of is it meaningful to be an artist? And of course, you would be hard pressed to say that art isn’t meaningful. But then, of course, we have this art form that is considered the lowest of the low.

I consider it [gaming] the highest of the high. Because it encompasses all other art forms. To me, it is the pinnacle art form at this point in time. And yes, I think there is meaning in that. At least as much meaning as anything else that humans make. Yeah, there’s a tremendous amount of potential that is yet to be unlocked, within the video game medium.

Machinegames are currently developing Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. The title is expected to release in October for PS4, Xbox One and PC.