Days Gone Dev Discusses Benefits Gained from Their E3 Demo

E3 is always the best period for gamers all-year, and Sony’s upcoming title, Days Gone, took some of the spotlight with its solid presence. Not only providing players with another action-packed trailer, players were able to play a 7-minute long demo of the game.

Days Gone Creative Director John Garvin recently spoke with Kotaku, where he discussed the work done behind that 7-minute demo.

One of our goals was to not do stuff specifically for the demo—we wanted to make it real. So everything we were doing was going to be part of the actual game. We were polishing stuff that hadn’t been polished, and that’s what took most of the time.

Garvin continued to talk about the decisions the development team had to make when it comes to polishing, since they only wanted to maintain and improve the fun parts of the game and ditch the parts that didn’t look so compelling.

You don’t want to put too much polish into an ambush event if it turns out to not be fun. So we go through this whole set of focus testing both internally and externally and then say, ‘OK, this is working really well; this is the kind of thing we need to do more of.’ And once we get to that stage, then we polish it. Because otherwise you’re tossing work that’s expensive. So we don’t wanna do that.

Days Gone is expected to release some time in 2018 exclusively for the PS4.