Battleborn’s Brand New “Supercharge” Multiplayer Mode Detailed

Gearbox still hasn’t completely given up on their hero-based shooter, Battleborn, just yet. The studio announced a brand new competitive mode, titled Supercharge. The mode will be available for players to try in the game’s free multiplayer trial. Supercharge pits two teams of three against each other where each team competes to gather as many points as possible through escorting minions through designated gates.

This 3v3 mode pits two teams against each other on all-new maps in a fast-paced race for victory. In Supercharge, players escort minions through gates to earn points, while also fighting to control a single capture point. The team that owns the capture point “supercharges” their minion wave, adding tougher minions and more opportunities for scoring points.

Features of Supercharge include:

  • New Maps: Play on three brand new maps created and sized specifically for Supercharge: Ziggurat, Permafrost, and Horizon;
  • 3v3: Smaller teams for closer coordination between heroes;
  • New Challenges: Complete Supercharge-specific challenges for more titles, experience and Credits.

Supercharge mode is already live for players to give it a try, so make sure to play a couple of games and come back to tell us whether you liked it or not.