Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Reveals Warner Bros. Games New York; Responsible for Online Features and Web-Based Services

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, the studio responsible for publishing numerous titles including the Batman Arkham franchise, the Middle Earth franchise, the Lego titles and many more, has announced they are opening a brand new studio in New York.

Surprisingly, WB Games New York won’t be responsible for developing AAA titles as its parent company, instead, it will act as a “a service provider of online features and web-based communities for the company’s video games. The WB Games New York team builds cloud-based gaming backend technology, which allows developers to quickly add online features to their games on almost any platform.”

We understand the importance of expanding the connected communities of players, and with WB Games New York, we will have a strong foundation to grow our player connectivity with our digitally powered console and mobile games as well as live service gaming

– Steven Chiang, Executive Vice President, Worldwide Production and Studios, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Studio Director Steven Flenory was announced as WB Games New York head. Steven Flenory was previously Agora Games’ studio head, which was later acquired by MLG.