Maximum Games’ Extinction Might Come to Nintendo Switch

Iron Galaxy and Maximum Games’ Extinction was announced a couple of days ago, and it is set to be an action game where you battle giant ogres as the world’s last sentinel.

DualShockers spoke with Executive Producer Derek Neal during E3, and he revealed that the studio is indeed considering a Nintendo Switch version of the game.

As far as Extinction, it wasn’t part of our original plan to bring Extinction to the Switch, but actually we’ve gotten this question a lot. A lot of people seem excited about the prospect of having this title on the Switch, so we are re-evaluating those options and seeing if maybe that is something we want to do. But that decision hasn’t been made yet

When asked about Iron Galaxy’s involvement with Nintendo and whether they have any projects related to the Switch, his answer was affirmative.

I’m not myself a member of Iron Galaxy, but to speak for them, I believe they have, yes, been involved directly with some Switch development.

Extinction releases some time in 2018 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and we may see a Nintendo Switch version later on.