Dragon Ball FighterZ Producer Reveals New Information in Q&A

Dragon Ball FighterZ definitely looks like an original and unique title to the long list of Dragon Ball titles released within the past couple of years. Japanese site Ruliweb, translated by NeoGAF user raven777, interviewed Game Producer Tomoko Hikori and he answered a number of interesting questions. Hikori revealed the game is currently 20% complete, and considering its next year release date, that’s a pretty good percentage.

Q: How many characters will be in the game?
A: I can’t say right now… but we can’t just have so many characters in fighting game. So we will decide on who will be fun to play, as well as the character’s popularity in Dragonball.

Q: There was no 4K mention during Xbox One X announcement
A: Yeah but it will look better in Xbox One X and PS4 Pro

Q: It looks like using so many buttons and changing characters at same time looks difficult to do.
A: I am personally not that good, but looking at the dev team they are using assists first before changing character.

Q: How was game received?
A: Seems very well thanks to the visual quality of the game. People saying they are finally seeing animation quality game in 20 years made me happy.

Q: Is it possible to see characters from other Dragon Ball, like GT?
A: For that we will consider fan’s feedback.

Dragon Ball FighterZ looks very promising at an early stage.