Resident Evil 7 Director Discusses Importance of Combat in Franchise’s Titles

Capcom‘s Resident Evil 7 might be one of the best titles released this year, and managed to successfully return the franchise back to its roots.

Director Koshi Nakanishi was featured in a recent video interview, where he discussed the combat’s importance to the title and mentioned the initial feedback the studio received after the demo’s release.

The initial concept was all about overcoming fear and achieving that sense of satisfaction. We really wanted to showcase that aspect of Resident Evil. If you look at other titles in the genre, such as Silent Hill or Siren, or some other titles we’re directly compared to recently like P.T. and Outlast, the main difference is the fact that you’re able to eventually confront and defeat the source of your fears. That element of fulfillment is something I feel is very important to the Resident Evil franchise.

What took us by surprise was how many people who tried out the Beginning Hour demo thought that Resident Evil was now a game about running away. It made us want to say, “What? But Resident Evil would never be that.” In retrospect, I can now see why people would draw that conclusion and it was definitely a learning experience for us.

If you still haven’t played Resident Evil 7, then we highly recommend it if you’re a fan of the franchise or horror titles in general.