DiRT 4 Chief Game Designer Explains Lack of VR Support at Launch

Codemasters upcoming entry in the DiRT franchise, DiRT 4, is just around the corner, literally. Codemasters Chief Games Designer Paul Coleman was recently featured in an interview with WCCFTech, where he explained why the studio decided to ditch VR support at launch even after the positive feedback DiRT Rally VR managed to get.

Developing for VR takes a lot of time and effort. We have had some tight deadlines to meet for DiRT 4. To ensure that we could deliver a great game, with all the great new features we are adding and at the quality level people expect from our studio we had to make some tough choices along the way. One of the things that were not feasible to support at launch was VR. Sadly it is the way these things are and I get that players who have enjoyed DiRT Rally in VR will feel like an important part of the experience is missing for them at launch.

He continued to reveal little bits of information regarding Your Track, the in-game track generator, and how they developed it to mostly avoid creating identical tracks.

There are some elements that will become more familiar than others but we have tried to keep these to a minimum. The key thing to remember though is that these moments will happen in a different sequence with each new stage you generate. So compared to a bespoke track where every corner, every object, every building all occurred in the same place every single time you played it, with Your Stage that kind of repetition is a thing of the past.

DiRT 4 releases on June 9 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.