Middle Earth: Shadow of War Dev Explains Delay; Needs Extra Time for Balancing, Polishing and Debugging

Monolith Studios and Warner Bros sequel, Middle Earth: Shadow of War,  was delayed a couple of days ago from August to October. Recently, during Shadow of War‘s weekly Twitch livestream, Monolith Vice President of Creative Michael de Plater was featured in the stream and explained the reasons behind the studio’s decision to delay the game.

This build is old now and just a number of things we see here that we know we’ve already fixed, whether its graphical or gameplay or AI. I think the thing for us that we’ve learned in the course of doing this game is just how much bigger it is than Shadow of Mordor in every dimension. The size of the game, the number of enemies, the complexity of the combat system, the Nemesis system.

So, the process of actually testing and debugging and fixing that is just absolutely massive. And we know we have to, when this game ships, the level of polish and stability and balance has to be better than we did on Shadow of Mordor. So, we’ve got this really high bar that we have to beat.

Middle Earth: Shadow of War is now set to release on October 10 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.