Space RPG The Long Journey Home Receives Major Content Update

Developer Daedalic Entertainment’s space RPG game, The Long Journey Home. received a major content update a couple of days ago. The update added Story mode, renamed Explorer mode to Adventure mode, reduces pirate encounters and more.

The update as well as the story mode came as a response to fan feedback, as they requested a similar mode ever since the game’s launch. The developer promises story mode will feature “additional assistance for tricky parts of the game,” and will allow players to explore the galaxy more relaxed, since they don’t have to worry about meeting pirates as often as before.

Here is all the details regarding the update:

New Mode: Story Mode

  • Reduced planetary difficulty conditions
  • More abundant galactic resources
  • Resources worth more in trade and for ship repair/maintenance
  • Increased Lander strength
  • Reduced impact/heat/environmental/drilling damage in the Lander
  • Reduced fuel consumption in the Lander
  • Enemies cannot lock player into Encounter
  • Aliens offer more credits and more generous deals in trade
  • Reduced flyover damage in event of failed orbit
  • Greatly reduced pirate presence
  • Larger orbit window

General Changes

  • Explorer mode renamed “Adventure Mode”
  • Devices now require timed button press to uninstall/destroy
  • Can now jump back to same system if required
  • Lander rotation speed and thruster agility increased
  • Reduced pirate presence
  • Native fullscreen mode

Make sure to let us know if you tried out the story mode yet.