DiRT 4 PS4 Pro Enhancements Revealed; Dev Trying to Maximize Potential on Scorpio

Codemasters upcoming fourth entry to the racing rally series, DiRT 4, is less than a week away. The developer previously revealed they have plans to “crank up” the game on the PS4 Pro.

WCCFTech was able to ask Codemasters for more details on what exactly the studio intends to enhance to provide a better experience on the PS4 Pro compared to the regular PS4. Improvements include an increased MSAA, increased shadow resolution, increased image based lighting and more. The studio also mentioned that it is looking forward to get their hands on Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox Scorpio console and see what they can do to “maximize the potential of DiRT 4 on consoles.”

We have made a number of improvements for PlayStation 4 Pro. These include: Increased MSAA on the scene rendering, increased shadow map resolution, increased Image Based Lighting reflection resolution and accuracy. We have also increased the environment map resolution. The mirror rendering has MSAA enabled on Pro while the base PS4 doesn’t have MSAA at all.
With regards to Scorpio, it is too early for us to confirm anything but we are definitely excited by the new hardware and look forward to seeing what we can do with it to maximize the potential of DiRT 4 on consoles.

DiRT 4 releases on June 9 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.