Star Trek: Bridge Crew Trophies Revealed; Includes Platinum

Star Trek: Bridge Crew’s release is upon us, and just like any other game, Exophase revealed the game’s list of trophies.

Ubisoft’s PlayStation VR title includes a Platinum trophy, as well as 32 other trophies players can pursue. Trophies range from simple mission accomplishments to surviving a battle against three or more other ships. Here is the entire list of Star Trek: Bridge Crew’s trophies:


  • Second star to the right… – Obtain all the Trophies.


  • Live long and prosper – Complete all campaign missions and one of each Ongoing Voyages type
  • Careful, she’s brand new… – Complete a mission with less than 10% Hull Integrity
  • No-Win Scenario – Rescue at least 120 people in the stand-alone Kobayashi Maru mission
  • Fire everything we’ve got! – Survive a battle against three or more hostile ships


  • Nine-five-wictor-wictor-2 – Disrupt systems 5 times via a system intrusion
  • Nuclear Wessels! – Finish a mission without using torpedoes
  • Out of your Vulcan mind – Finish a mission without using the shields once
  • Out there…thataway! – Finish a mission using the original bridge
  • Space: The final frontier – Visit every star system in The Trench
  • Because you are my friend – Play 6 missions with friends online
  • Beam me up, Scotty – Successfully transport 30 people
  • This is not Klingon blood – Destroy 5 non-Klingon ships
  • She cannae take any more! – As the Engineer, Repair 15 systems
  • Qapla’! – Destroy 20 Klingon ships
  • We’re going down, or they are… – Destroy a ship using only torpedoes
  • Where No One Has Gone Before – Complete an Ongoing Voyages mission
  • Warp speed – Perform 5 warps as a Helmsman or Engineer


  • Welcome to the crew, Ensign – Complete a task in the training scenario
  • I’m an Engineer, not a doctor – Complete a mission as Engineer
  • I dare you to do better… – Complete a mission as Captain
  • I’m a Helmsman, not a doctor – Complete a mission as Helm
  • I’m Tactical, not a doctor – Complete a mission as Tactical
  • Punch it! – As the Helmsman or Engineer, perform your first warp in a Campaign or Ongoing Voyage mission
  • I’m getting strange readings – As Tactical, scan your first ship
  • I’m givin’ her all she’s got – As the Engineer, maximize engines by routing power from shields and phasers
  • Fascinating – While on a mission, look outside of the spaceship using Space View for 10 seconds
  • Hailing on all frequencies – Answer your first Hail
  • He’s dead, Jim! – Witness the death of an NPC crew member
  • Steady as she goes, Sulu – Navigate through an asteroid field unscathed
  • Move, move, I can do zat! – As Captain, temporarily take over an NPC crewed station during a mission
  • Embrace technicality – Complete a mission as a Vulcan
  • What it is to be human – Complete a mission as Human

Star Trek: Bridge Crew is already available for the PlayStation VR.