Quantum Break Dev Remedy Entertainment Discusses Future Plans and Going Multi-Platform and More

Quantum Break developer Remedy Entertainment has been in contract with Microsoft for console exclusivity for over 10 years now, and during that period, the studio was able to release a number of highly successful titles.  Creative Director Sam Lake discussed the studio’s future plans in a recent interview with Eurogamer, where he revealed that going multi-platform is definitely the “logical step.”

We worked with Microsoft Studios for 10 years, for two big games. It was a logical, good partnership. For them, the platform is the important thing, but we are an indie game maker and at the end of the day, coming out of that, we just want our games to be experienced by as many people as possible, and going multi-platform is the logical step for us.

P7 is the latest title in the works from the studio, and Lake made it clear that it will include some of the studio’s trademark storytelling and unique characters. However, the studio also aims to provide longer playthroughs and replay value.

We want to retain the strong storytelling and strong characters and strong world-building that we have done in the past, but also we want to find ways for the players to be able to spend more time with an experience – that it’s not just played once through and then you are done in a weekend. Exploring ways to expand that side of the thing without losing what we feel that we do really well.

P7 still has no release date but it is expected to release for PS4, Xbox One and PC.