Prime 1 Studios Reveal New $800 32-Inch Bloodborne Statue

It’s been a long time since we last heard anything related to From Software’s Bloodborne. But thanks to Prime 1 Studios, we now have a new extraordinary Bloodborne statue.

Prime 1 Studios are known for their highly detailed, and rather expensive, statues, and this one is no different. Their collection includes DC Comics’ Batman and Transformers’ Optimus Prime. Bloodborne’s statue is priced at $800, and stands at 32-inches tall. It also comes with the following interchangeable pieces:

  • One interchangeable right hand holding a Saw Cleaver
  • One interchangeable right hand holding a Hunter Axe
  • One interchangeable street lamp
  • One interchangeable street pillar
  • One interchangeable right hand holding a Threaded Cane

If you have enough money for it and like collecting video game characters, you can pre-order The Hunter by going here. The listing suggests an arrival date between July 2018 and September 2018, and every customer is only allowed one purchase. If you aren’t sure whether you want one or not, let us help you make up your mind with the following images of the wonderfully-detailed statue.