For Honor Season 2 Update Didn’t Go Live on Consoles Properly; Ubisoft Releases Fix

A couple of days ago, For Honor’s update 1.07 went live, however, its launch didn’t go as smooth as Ubisoft intended. Console players reported the update never went live for them, making players play a version of the game that was “never intended to go live.”

Here is what Ubisoft did to the fix the issue:


[PS4/XONE] Activation of the live update that was supposed to be enabled on Tuesday May 16 for the release of Season 2.

  • Revived team mate limited to once per round.
  • Warden Shoulder bash fixed : target switch allows during charge.


[PC/PS4/XONE] Centurion and Shinobi were not able to unlock Orders
Description: The centurion and Shinobi are now consider as “Hybrid” and therefore can unlock the following Orders:

  • Dance of Death (Hybrid)
  • Dance of Death (Assassin)
  • Squad Action (Hybrid)
  • Squad Action (Assassin)
  • Tour of Duty (Hybrid)
  • Tour of Duty (Assassin)



Light combo and Light finishers

  • Hit recovery increased by 200ms (700ms instead of 500ms).

Grab tech / Heavy parried less punishing

  • The animation duration which push him on ground is now 400ms shorter (from 1300ms to 900ms).
  • He is pulled on a shorter distance (distance is now of 2.5m regardless the distance between the Ninja and his target).

Sickle Rain mix-up

  • The heavy in the Sickle Rain mix-up is now guaranteed. (The Heavy which put the opponent on his knee)
  • [Bug Fix] Shinobi’s Kick and Tackle does not ignore Shugoki’s Super Armor anymore.



  • Kick cost increased from 12 to 25.
  • Branching into Heavy Finisher is delayed by 200ms. (Heavy Finisher is no longer guaranteed).
  • Branching into Light Attack is 100ms faster. (Light is now guaranteed after kick hit).


  • Branching into Heavy Finisher after throwback is delayed by 300ms.
  • It makes it blockable in all situation and parryable (It was already the case in for Front throw).

Jump Attack

  • The last 400ms of the Jump Attack is now dodgeable.

Let us know how the game plays after the adjustments made by the update.