Gearbox CEO Accuses Activision of Stealing Former Title Cover Art; Compares Call of Duty to 2008’s Brother In Arms

Everybody is certainly excited after Activision finally announced the return of the Call of Duty franchise to its roots, with boots on the ground and no flying jetpacks. The newest Call of Duty title is set to take place during World War II, and we got to see a glimpse of the game’s box art recently.

However, Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford noticed a striking similarity between the soldier’s pose in Sledgehammer’s title and one of his company’s prior titles, specifically 2008’s Brother In Arms: Hells Highway. Although Brother In Arms’ box art features a soldier with a quite similar pose to that of Sledgehammer’s upcoming title, it might be quite coincidental. If we take a look at every single video game developed and released, you will eventually find a couple or even more with very similar box arts.

Pitchford hasn’t officially come out and said whether he is going to pursue legal action or is this just something for the internet to respond to. Let us know what you think of the similarity between both box arts. Is it really coincidental?