Drawn to Death Update 2.06 Adds Character Videos, Easter Items and More

drawn to death

Drawn to Death about a week ago, and if you are unsure on whether you should pick it up or not, check out our Before You Buy video on it. Developer The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency is already hard at work to iron out bugs and add new bits of content for fans to enjoy.

Update 2.06 adds Easter items, character videos and prepares the game for the launch of Vertigo maps next week, alongside some balance changes and bug fixes. Here is the changes included in the update, as well as a video explaining the changes.

New Stuff

  • Easter items
  • Character Videos are in
  • Vertigo map goes live next week


  • Cyborgula Dash R2 on tap
  • Golden Gun: doesn’t show up in 2v1, base damage nerfed slightly
  • evils riff damage changed to 50HP on first impact, additional 25HP on second impact.
  • JRPG homing nerfed to lose tracking after 5 seconds, has a smaller collider radius
  • Ice can/Sniper nerfed: Reduced headshot multiplier damage of Suzanne
  • Fister radius expanded
  • Russian Jackhammer bullet spread increased slightly, bullet bending aim assist reduced for hip fire.
  • Bloodbath hallway ghost has better collision


  • Fixed Level 15 trophy award. You should get it automatically.
  • Fixed Cyborgula zombie bug where you don’t die at 0% health
  • Fixed issue with matchmaking while in a 2 player session in ranked. Players will now be able to start a match on 2v1.
  • Fixed terrible Team Deathmatch bug where one guy leaves and the teams are all messed up

Are you enjoying Drawn to Death?