Outlast 2 Developer Red Barrels Clarifies Australian Rating; Admits Part of the Alpha was Wrongly Included

The Australian rating board is known for rejecting games from entering the country’s video game market and strictly rating games. Outlast 2 was the most recent victim of the rating board.

This story has been going on over the past couple of weeks, with the latest news revealing that the ban was overturned and the game will release in Australia with a R18+ rating. Developer Red Barrels Studio discussed the topic with IGN, revealing that they wrongly included alpha footage of Outlast 2 in the rating board submission. This alpha footage wasn’t supposed to be there, since “content was not representative of the final game.”

“The original submission of Outlast 2 sent to the Australian Classification Branch contained the final game code and a video file for reference taken from an Alpha version of the game. This video file should not have been sent along with the game code, as its content was not representative of the final game.”

“In the second submission, the same game code was submitted with a video file reflecting the final game content. The game was then approved for release with an R18+ rating.”

The studio emphasised that “there will be only one version of Outlast 2 available worldwide.”