Square Enix Increases Level Cap of Final Fantasy XIV’s Free Trial on PS4

Final Fantasy XIV has a free trial available for download through the PlayStation Store, however, you can only play it for 14-days. Square Enix recently released a statement, changing the way the free trial works.

Now, you don’t have to worry about your playtime and instead worry about hitting the level cap of 35. You are allowed to create one character per world, challenge the first ten floors in the Deep Dungeon and much more. If you have already finished your 14 days, your account will be re-activated and you can start from where you left off.

These enhancements do not extend only to new free trial accounts – existing or expired free trial accounts will be reactivated, allowing players to continue their previous adventures. Free trial players can access all content up to level 35, create up to eight playable characters (one per World), join parties or linkshell groups with fellow players, and even battle their way to Floor 10 in the Deep Dungeon.

In addition to that, update 3.56 will allow players who create characters after the update to transfer their character data from the free trial to the full version if they have it. This is only applicable to accounts created “to accounts created after the release of patch 3.56.”