No Man’s Sky is Basically a Cheaper, Watered Down Star Citizen


Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky was set out to be something much more than it turned out to be, even though it was one of the most hyped and anticipated games of all time. People had mixed receptions upon launch, with some of them praising the game’s exploration aspect, while others were really disappointed for not experiencing what they expected. The controversy increased when people started digging out old videos of Sean Murray detailing features that are simply not there in the final version of No Man’s Sky.

The game is undoubtedly a space-simulation game, however, it’s just a watered down and cheaper version of Star Citizen. Cloud Imperium Games’ Star Citizen has been in development for years now, just surpassing $121 Million in funds a couple of days ago. The studio held a very impressive and well-received Gamescom briefing, showcasing an hour long demo of the game’s Alpha 3.0 version. It showcased a co-op mission, where players had to travel to planet Delamar and start the “Possible Security Job” mission.


Getting back on topic, in my opinion, Star Citizen is the game that deserves all the hype No Man’s Sky. It has everything any space fan wants, first-person space combat, mining, exploration, and trading, as well as co-op missions and most of all, you get to see actual people, instead of playing No Man’s Sky everyday with the hopes of eventually meeting a person. Some people may argue that Hello Games’ procedurally-generated formula makes their game a bit more fun and impossible to explore fully, but can you tell me which is better, visiting thousands of planets and seeing hundreds of animals that feel like re-skinned versions of the last one you were on or experience a game with a relatively less number of planets but diverse and actually different from each other?


Even when it comes to your space ship, we were promised customization options, or at least a few, that will make your ship stand out in No Man’s Sky, even though no one will get to see it apparently. However, when the game eventually released, players started to notice from different pictures on the internet that almost everyone has the same ship with minor differences. On the other side, Star Citizen has dozens upon dozens of models to choose from upon launch, with additional models getting released after launch. I know it’s not a lot for a game as big as that, but it’s still better than having the same ship as everybody else.


Bottom line is, Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky didn’t live up to most people’s expectations and left a lot to be desired in the world of space-simulation games, leaving the playground open for Cloud Imperium Games’ Star Citizen to conquer the genre, even if it’s still a long time away.