Theme Hospital in HD is Glorious! Here’s How To Get It Working

Theme Hospital in HD

As you may have heard, the classic Bullfrog hospital sim, Theme Hospital, was just re-released on GoG and you can’t wait to cure everything from Bloaty Head to Slack Tongue.  However, you’ve got a big sexy monitor and 640×480 resolution and unnecessary old loading screens just aren’t cutting it for you.  There’s gotta be a better way, right?  Well, you’re in luck!  You can get your shiny new GoG version of Theme Hospital running in full HD in just a few simple steps.  Follow along, Doc:

Step 1.
Buy and download Theme Hospital from, it’s $5.99  (Duh)

Step 2.
Get the latest and greatest version of CorsixTH – an open source mod for Theme Hospital.

Now, you’re going to want to install CorsixTH into the SAME DIRECTORY where your GoG installer put your Theme Hospital files.  For me (in Windows 7) the directory was:


Step 3.
Play the game!

See, that was easy eh?

You can now set the resolution as you wish in the options menu, but it will default to your desktop resolution.

CorsixTH also contains some cool new features besides high res settings such as a Free Build mode, Map Editor, customizable priority messages, a streamlined save/load manager, options to lock the screen for scrolling, and even support to zoom the map in and out with your mouse wheel.  The only thing that could make this better is having Peter Molyneux hold your hand while you play!

The small downside to CorsixTH is that there are still a few small things missing such as patient vomit in the hallways, earthquakes, rats and the cool little movies that play in between levels – but if you’re like me, then playing Theme Hospital in 1920×1080 is worth it.  Besides, CorsixTH is constantly being updated and vanilla Theme Hospital doesn’t come with a Free Build mode!

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