25 Outstanding Exploration Video Games You Need To Play

#5 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Skyrim is the fifth game in Bethesda’s ever-popular series of role-playing games. Like its predecessors, Skyrim takes place in an open environment in which we’re given leave to explore the world as we see fit.

While the world of Skyrim is charming and consistently engaging,  it doesn’t simply tell us a story—it offers us instead a chance to weave our very own tale. Skyrim is interactive art at its finest.

#4 Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption is the Old West made anew with the fiction of Rockstar Games, and it’s every bit as bleak and unforgiving as it was back in the olden days.

It is within this unforgiving land that a man, John Marston, seeks redemption—not only for his life but for his soul. And it is only within this land that such redemption is possible.

Needless to say, the game’s atmosphere is second to none, and it is host not only to John Marston’s story and those of his counterparts but to the greater battle between the old and the new—the stolid Old West and the march of Progress.

Players will likely enjoy the exploration that ranges from the game’s Texas analog to the Mexican desert across the border. All along the way, there’s “Strangers” to encounter, all of whom have their own strange tales to share with the player.

#3 Resident Evil 2

Capcom has been an iconic video game development studio over the years and its brought out some incredible IPs. One of which was Resident Evil, a title we definitely feature heavily here on this list and as iconic as this series is, there was no surprise when the development team decided to handle remakes. Unfortunately for gamers, most of the remakes were spent on the original title and while that’s not a bad thing, for fans of the series, there have been plenty of vocal pleas for developers to bring out a remake of its sequel, Resident Evil 2. Well, it took a few years but Capcom did just that and delivered gamers a remake of Resident Evil 2 for current generation platforms. This remake does exactly what Capcom did with the original installment.

Resident Evil 2 the remake brought in an overhaul to the visuals which made the game look fresh and defined. However, there were some changes to the game overall such as the game mechanics such as removing the tank controls that were standard years ago to a more acceptable third-person mechanics found in today’s latest releases. Players will still take control of both Leon Kennedy and Clair Redfield as they attempt to escape the undead filled Raccoon City. Likewise, this is an old school survival horror title so you will definitely want to prepare for exploring your surroundings. Much of the progress needed to continue on with the story will involve searching for specific items and solving puzzles. Knowing your surroundings will greatly help you in the campaign and as a result, it’s going to pay off exploring the various areas to really get a grasp of the area.

#2 Grand Theft Auto V

Much like Red Dead Redemption, there is plenty to explore and discover in the city of Los Santos and its surrounding environments. The city itself is filled to the brim with strange people, whose lives and stories are intertwined with that of the city.

This is by far one of the most lived-in feeling cities from the Grand Theft Auto franchise and even if you’re completely done with the campaign and side quests that present themselves to the player, Rockstar has a whole different side of the world for gamers to enjoy. Thanks to Grand Theft Auto Online, players have even more options and features to enjoy with the game all while combining players from all around the world to wreak havoc on Los Santos together.

#1 Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar Games has crafted up a number of incredible pieces of work. Their beloved long-running series Grand Theft Auto, the single IP release of Bully, and of course their old western series, Red Dead Redemption just to name a few. Red Dead Redemption has a massive following and gamers all over the world have been waiting for a new installment. In 2019 the later of the IPs mentioned received a sequel. Red Dead Redemption 2 players take the role of Arthur Morgan who finds himself on the run from the law with his fellow members of the Van der Linde gang. Outside of being another western adventure full of gun battles and forming your protagonist as a law-abiding citizen or morally corrupt outlaw, the game also sets players on a massive open world.

Being an open world environment players can fully expect it to feature a variety of landscapes, wildlife, and interesting characters. Outside of wandering about in the Old West for quests or items, a good portion of the game will involve hunting as Arthur can not only make use out of the resources from an animal but they can bring in some extra cash to help offset other items you may want to purchase.


Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft’s Flight Simulator video game series started back in 1982 and ever since then, there has been plenty of installments released that have continued to bring out a new visual upgrade and mechanic system. Overall, the game puts players into the role of a pilot where you’ll learn all the various controls of an aircraft and from there can take to the skies in hopes of making a smooth flight to your destination. Now the latest installment has released which is simply titled Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Outside of just another visual jump, there is plenty of improvements to the map system. Using Bing Maps, players will be able to see the various features from around the world including terrain changes, trees, water, and buildings. Weather systems will also play a role in how well the flight may handle such as visibility. The best part of the game, in my opinion, is that there is over two million cities represented and 40,000 airports. You can essentially chart out flights you may take in real life or simply explore the different areas you could visit in real life which is pretty impressive.