Oddworld: Soulstorm – How To Beat The Last Boss | Storm of Souls Guide

The final boss of Oddworld: Soulstorm is a huge pain if you don’t go in prepared. The final level is just one long slog — you have to disable five giant pumps by completing different puzzles, while escaping gun-toting Sligs and saving the last Mudokons. The final boss itself isn’t really a new enemy. Instead, you’ll have to deal with three waves of enemies.

And it doesn’t have to be hard. We’ve found the ideal way to defeat the final series of fights. There’s another mini-boss along the way that’s much easier — about halfway through the level, you’ll encounter the “Eye” in a floating area packed with patrolling Sligs. To defeat the eye, you need to lure its gaze to the floating anti-possession mines. Destroy all the floating mines, then you can possess the triangle lock to disable it for good.

It isn’t easy, but the final challenge can be a true nightmare. Here are the items you need to craft to make this final battle so much easier.

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The last boss of Oddworld: Soulstorm is a gauntlet of mines, Sligs, and Mama Slig tanks. There are three phases, and if you die, you’ll have to restart from the very beginning. Before going into this battle, you’ll want to collect all the items and crafting supplies you can.

  • Recommended Inventory:
    • x3 Shrykull Blasts
    • Smoke Screens
    • Incendiary Bombs

You’ll want as many as you can carry of the Smoke Screens and fire brew bombs. You absolutely, absolutely need three Shrykull charges. If you don’t, the fight will be much, much more difficult. You can get x5 Shrykull blasts by the time you reach the final boss, so as long as you don’t waste two during the rest of the level and save all the Mudokons you encounter, you’ll be okay.

Activating The Three Eyes

Inside the giant brewery machine, you’ll need to activate the Work Wheel to initiate each phase. There are three phases. Make sure to save the three Mudokon workers before turning the wheel, or they will die.

Phase 1: Starts with a wave of Sligs. Immediately use your Shrykull power to wipe them out. That’s followed by mines — three sets of mines will sweep across the platform. Stand in the center and double-jump to avoid them. The phase ends with another group of Sligs — again, use Shrykull.

Phase 2: To initiate Phase 2, you need to turn the work wheel again. Be prepared — a mine will immediately fly toward Abe after finishing the work wheel turn. Be ready to jump out of the way immediately or you’ll get exploded. The mines are faster, but if you double-jump while standing in the center, this part is easy. There are two mine sequences, and one Slig reinforcement sequence. Again, use your third Shrykull.

Phase 3: The final phase is much harder than the others. After turning the work wheel, two Mama Slig tanks will appear on both sides of Abe. The rockets they fire are slightly weaker than normal, so Abe can actually survive a hit.

You have to destroy them the same way you did on the train level. But, this time you’ve got items to make things much easier. Immediately throw down a Smoke Screen on both side so the Mama Sligs can’t see you — then throw fire bombs like mad. You need to destroy all the explosive crates underneath each Mama Slig.

Using smoke and fire bombs makes this battle so, so much easier. Don’t get too close to the Mama Slig legs or you’ll be launched backwards. Lay down a thick fog of smoke so you can safely throw those firebombs. Alternatively, you can use the flamethrower and Brew bottles to spread flames. That’s only in the event of an emergency.

Making liberal use of Smoke Screens is a game-changer in this fight. If you go in prepared, you’ll always be able to win. The Mama Sligs are useless. And sadly, the Shrykull ability doesn’t work on the Mama Sligs! The only way to win is by burning the explosive crates. And we can do that easily when we’re hidden in smoke.