Modern Warfare: Warzone – There’s A New Secret Bunker Easter Egg In Season 6 & Here’s How To Solve It

There’s another bunker to unlock on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and this one gives you yet another unique skin for your hard work. The first bunker required you to travel all over the zone, looking for computers and inputting keycodes — we know, because we’ve got a full guide (and map) for the Warzone Easter egg right here.

This hidden bunker is all about the new subway system. The new subway allows you to fast-travel around the map — just check the direction so you don’t sail directly outside the zone. The Easter egg is actually a lot easier this time around, and will earn you a Bruen MK9 LMG skin. We’ll show off the skin and all the steps to solving this Season 6 exclusive Easter egg below.

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How To Unlock The Secret Subway Bunker | Easter Egg Guide

All steps for this Easter eggs were shared by redditors r/Fullmoon1108 and r/AltCtrlSpud — they’re that ones that solved this Easter egg.

Your unique skin for completing the Season 6 Easter egg bunker. Source: [1]

To unlock the secret Subway Bunker, you’ll need to visit the computer terminal you can interact with in City Hall. The City Hall computer requires a 4-digit code to activate.

  • City Hall Passcode: Input 2179 into the keypad.

The City Hall code comes from the burnt-out subway stops — put the numbers together to get a four digit code.

After inputting the code, a series of images will appear. There are 8 images — images of paintings. Take a short clip of this if you can. After each image, a symbol will appear — +# / -# / x. Each image is a partial section of a painting hanging in City Hall — there is a number under each painting.

The numbers will only appear under the paintings after inputting the keypad code (2179) — you need to find these painting in the order they were shown and take note of the number underneath. Depending on the +/- sign, you need to add or subtract to that individual number.

  • Example: If you find a 9 under the first painting in the sequence, and there was a -2 on the computer screen right after the first clue, your first number for the passcode will be 7.

Find each painting in City Hall and collect the corresponding number underneath (making sure to change each individual number if there was a +/- sign after the clue) for a total of 8 numbers.

  • NOTE: One of the images shows a picture of a man’s face. There is no portrait like it in City Hall, but there is a spot with a bronze marker with a missing painting above it. Look here for the number.

Input the 8 numbers — 4 on the top first, then 4 on the bottom — into the City Hall computer to unlock the path to the secret bunker.

How To Reach The Secret Subway Bunker:

If you correctly input the numbers in the City Hall terminal, a special subway path will unlock at the Airport. Go to the Airport and find the Subway Station terminal to unlock the maintenance train — ride it to the bunker entrance under the Dam.

And that’s it! Open all the chests and you’ll get the unique skin for the Bruen MK9 LMG.