Top 10 Games with Gratuitous Nudity

9. Saints Row IV

While Saints Row IV is undeniably a self-aware parody, that doesn’t mean that the nudity in the game is necessary for the game to be the funny. In the early parts of the game, you have to escape a spaceship barenaked. It’s kind of ridiculous since a normal person would probably find a way to clothe themselves. It was a “WTF” moment for most players but it was still entertaining nonetheless.

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10. Leisure Suit Larry

People often think that Playboy Mansion and Leisure Suit Larry belong to the same echelon of adult themed video games. I personally feel like the latter is worse and more vulgar than the former. The whole game is gratuitous in my opinion since it seems to primarily focus on sex and nudity. At least the other game has a photoshoot mini-game included and you had a brand to run. I could be wrong and these two games are just as needlessly explicit.


Heavy Rain

Some games are really great and happen to feature nudity. However, Heavy Rain felt a bit out of place with the random nude shower scene. Quantic Dream is known for making some truly narrative-driven video game titles and they work hard at bringing a cinematic experience. Their hard work really shows and while their titles may not be for everyone, there is a pretty strong following. I’m going to try really hard not to spoil anything since again these games are narrative-driven and I would hate to spoil anything that involves the plot. At one section of the game, players take control of a young woman who is alone in her apartment. Players can take the woman into the bathroom, have her strip down and take a shower then they can have the character put clothes back on. It’s nothing crucial to the plot so it can feel a bit random especially for the other section of the game that happens directly before this moment.

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