Top 10 Games with Gratuitous Nudity

7. God of War

I have a confession to make! I’ve never actually played any of the God of War games. I’ve heard that the nudity and sex scenes don’t really contribute much to the story. However, the game reminded me of shows like Game of Thrones or Spartacus so it didn’t really seem ill-placed to me. Perhaps, it was a little too excessive?

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8. Indigo Prophecy

There’s nothing offensive about the sex scene in Indigo Prophecy, but I will admit that it feels rather awkward and unnecessary for its time. It looks like a bunch of pixels bumping uglies instead of two people sharing an intimate moment. I would be okay with it if it was a movie, but it’s not. Perhaps it would look a lot better and fit more if they waited for the graphics to improve.

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