Top 10 Games with Gratuitous Nudity

5. Dead or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball

While full nudity can only be achieved through mods, there is actually a swimsuit in the game that allows you to see the girls naked if you let them wear it underwater. I am not sure if I read this somewhere or if we discovered it for ourselves. It’s also funny how there are swimsuits that don’t really look comforable. I remember seeing a bikini that was as thin as a string. A clever attempt to avoid it being considered as full nudity.

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6. Witcher

I was actually surprised that some gamers actually considered this scene gratuitous. I thought that it was appropriate, but thats just me. Triss isn’t fully nude though, but she is indeed topless. My friends actually thought the part wherein she was magically removing her clothes. I didn’t take any offense to it, but what did you think about it?

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