Top 10 Games with Gratuitous Nudity

1. Grand Theft Auto V

Aside from the usual nude strippers, Grand Theft Auto V dropped a bomb by giving gamers a glimpse of Trevor’s penis. Some people say that it was unnecessary and random to show it, but Trevor’s a really crazy character who doesn’t put much thought into things to be fair. Interestingly, Japanese players have a version of the game that doesn’t show his penis and pretty much cuts seconds off the cutscene.

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Here is a perfect example of a game capitalizing on strippers and nudity to drive up sales. It is commonly believed that Acclaim decided to sell the game as a raunchy BMX game when they realized that the game was going to be sub-par. What better way to make up for the investment than adding sexual themes and nudity in it?

The game is notorious for letting players have topless female characters and live-action clips of strippers.

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