Top 5 New Simulator Games Coming in 2020

From controlling cities to flying aircraft’s or even being an evil genius in hopes of conquering the world, there are plenty of simulation video game titles coming out in 2020. We’re going to list out some of the more anticipated releases we’re eager to try out next year. Check out our picks down below, likewise, you may want to check back often for new video games titles added in future updates.

#5 Evil Genius 2

  • Developer: Rebellion Developments
  • Publisher: Rebellion Developments
  • Platforms: PC
  • Release: 2020
  • Co-op: N/A
  • Competitive Multiplayer: N/A

Looking for a fun wacky simulator game? Why not keep tabs on Evil Genius 2, a simulator where you’re the mastermind evil genius who is building up a new lair. Players will select their paradise location and start construction of a lair while training henchmen to do your bidding. As you train your henchmen and keep tabs on your daily tasks to avoid any potential spies that may pop up, your overall goal is to build up a doomsday device with an attempt to conquer the entire world.

There will be four different evil geniuses to pick from as you start your campaign and each will have their own unique story narrative. Likewise, you’ll find a variety of henchmen to hire and build-up, though we’re still waiting to see what changes have been made to the overall game since the original installment released back in 2004. Currently, Evil Genius 2 is a PC only video game title which is due to launch at some point in 2020.

#4 Maneater

  • Developer: Tripwire Interactive
  • Publisher: Tripwire Interactive
  • Platforms: PC
  • Release: TBA
  • Co-op: N/A
  • Competitive Multiplayer: N/A

Maneater is a unique type of simulation game as it puts players into the body of a shark. To be more specific, you’ll become a giant Bull Shark as you seek out other animals and humans to feast on. This a game focused on pinning fear into those that live both above and below water as your hunger knows no bounds. Furthermore, you’ll be able to explore a massive open world from sunken wrecks, swamps, to the open ocean depths.

There’s even an RPG element attached where players can tweak various stats which results in various body parts being upgrades. While it’s a unique simulator game that we’re interested in checking out, the title doesn’t have a full release date attached at the moment, so we’re left waiting for a potential announcement on when we could see the title hit the market.

#3 Ready Or Not

  • Developer: Void Interactive
  • Publisher: Void Interactive
  • Platforms: PC
  • Release: 2020
  • Co-op: Online
  • Competitive Gameplay: Yes

If you enjoy the PayDay series then perhaps you’ll want to take a look at the upcoming FPS Ready or Not. This is a tactical simulation title where players take the role of a SWAT team member going through a variety of missions. As a member of the SWAT police force, your goal is to avoid going into battle guns blazing but instead strategically take down and subdue the hostile enemy. As a result, you may find yourself tweaking the weapons and gear taken into the field to successfully complete a mission with little to no casualties.

Just like with the real tactical police force, players are given access to not only heavy-duty weaponry but also the gear to stun hostile enemies. This may include flash grenades and beanbag guns or simply using advance tech to get an idea of what waits ahead. However, if guns start going off then you’ll have the ability to put down the enemies from doing any more harm. Missions are also said to be randomized with goals and traps scattered throughout so you might find yourself with plenty of content to go through.

Likewise, there are also options to play the game with the help of friends online. You and your squad can plan out the attack and goals before the mission begins. However, there is a PvP game mode as well which may play out similar to the Rainbow Six Siege gameplay. At the moment, this is a PC platform release to launch the title sometime at the end of 2020.

#2 Kerbal Space Program 2

  • Developer: Star Theory Games
  • Publisher: Private Division
  • Platforms: PS4, XBO, PC
  • Release: 2020
  • Co-op: TBA
  • Competitive Multiplayer: TBA

If you played the original Kerbal Space Program then get ready to build up another spaceship to make a new grand journey. Kerbal Space Program 2 is coming out sometime in 2020 where it will bring players even more parts and options to craft up a unique spaceship for your voyage. We don’t have a ton of information out about this game sequel just yet, but you can expect more of the same overall gameplay style from the first installment.

Those who never got a chance to play Kerbal Space Program, the game puts players in control of these alien creatures known as Kerbals as you build crafts that are meant to take off to space and successfully land back on Earth. There is a lot of trial and error when it comes to this game so building up ships is a bit of a puzzle when you decide to make something a bit more unique.

We do know that this sequel will bring out a new improved UI, animated tutorials along with a wide variety of parts to add into a ship build. Likewise, there is a goal of gathering resources in space so you’ll have to work on a colony and overcome any obstacles to gather resources before returning with the goods.

#1 Microsoft Flight Simulator

  • Developer: Asobo Studio
  • Publisher: Xbox Game Studios
  • Platform: XBO, PC
  • Release: 2020
  • Co-op: N/A
  • Competitive Multiplayer: N/A

Microsoft’s Flight Simulator video game series started back in 1982 and ever since then, there has been plenty of installments released that have continued to bring out a new visual upgrade and mechanic system. Overall, the game puts players into the role of a pilot where you’ll learn all the various controls of an aircraft and from there can take to the skies in hopes of making a smooth flight to your destination. Now another installment has been announced and is coming out to the PC and Xbox One platforms within 2020.

Outside of just another visual jump, there is plenty of improvements to the map system. Using Bing Maps, players will be able to see the various features from around the world including terrain changes, trees, water, and buildings. Weather systems will also play a role in how well the flight may handle such as visibility. The best part of the game, in my opinion, is that there is over two million cities represented and 40,000 airports. You can essentially chart out flights you may take in real life and that’s pretty impressive.