Top 50+ Best Free Downloadable PC Games

#10 Mandagon

Mandagon is a platformer that is inspired by Tibetan theology. The game design looks similar to titles such as Super Meat Boy and Fez, however, the game is non-linear offering a bit more exploration. Overall, your goal is to acquire various tablets and bring them to shrines and while that sounds pretty bare bones, there is a Narrative journey to be enjoyed while you play.


#9 Paladins

Often considered an Overwatch clone, Paladins is still a fantastic game. There are some slight differences between the two hero-based shooters, but you’ll still find that each hero in Paladins will have their own unique abilities that they can bring in to the fight. With that said, you can expect there to be some more emphasis on purchasing some microtransactions, but it makes sense since the overall game is free to play.


#8 Warface 2016: Anubis

Warface 2016: Anubis is a polished FPS video game that offers both the ability to play with or against your friends. The title plays extremely well, though being a free-to-play title there is some emphasis on paying a few microtransactions. With that said, these microtransactions are completely optional where if players spend enough time going through the game, new unlocks and items can be acquired without spending a dime.


#7 Call of Duty: Warzone

The battle royale genre certainly doesn’t have any shortages of games available to enjoy. However, some titles appeal a bit more than others. Call of Duty, for instance, has an official free-to-play battle royale title available right now called Call of Duty: Warzone. The video game plays out similar to the traditional Modern Warfare series but with over a hundred players dropped down in a massive map. From there it’s a hunt to gather resources, take out the competition and make your way into safe areas as the map continues to shrink down in size. While this is not a full-on Call of Duty game online where players can enjoy other game modes for free, you should find some enjoyment out of this title for a good while.


#6 Minecraft Classic

Minecraft has been an iconic video game title for years now and you’re likely aware of the current editions made available on platforms you’re enjoying today. While these current editions will set players back, Microsoft did release the Minecraft Classic edition completely for free. In fact, the video game can be enjoyed right now without the need of any download. The entire classic edition of this video game can be enjoyed through your web browser though you will want to make note that this classic edition is pretty bare bones by today’s standards. Don’t go into the game expecting all the content and features from the franchise that you’d be able to enjoy with the latest launches but it’s certainly a great time killer.

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