10 Mind-Blowing Fan Video Games You Should Play

#5 Mushroom Kingdom Fusion

Mushroom Kingdom Fusion is a rather unique game as it takes a wide assortment of classic 8bit and 16bit video games and mixes them together. This results in players going through a classic video game level but as a different character. For instance, you may find yourself playing as Kirby, Mario, or Wario in a whole different video game.

The results are incredible especially if you enjoyed these old school retro video games growing up. However, even if you never played these games before, the title is well worth checking out today.

#4 DoomRL

DoomRL or otherwise known as DRL is a Doom Roguelike video game developed by ChaosForge. The video game is a bit different than past Doom titles as it’s a top-down created with ASCII characters. Likewise being a roguelike, you’ll have plenty of replay value, but again, the title may have a more niche fan base.

The game is free to play and definitely feels a bit more unique with traits to upgrade and more exploration to find resources and items. While you wait for the next main Doom installment to launch into the market, we recommend giving this game a download.

#3 Streets of Rage Remake

Streets of Rage is a Sega classic that first released back in 1991. This is a beat ‘em up title which has only received three installments and despite its popularity, the development studio has yet to go back and bring out a new release or remake. Essentially, this series allowed cooperative gameplay where players are tasked with cleaning up the streets of criminal thugs and gangs.

A team that went under the name Bomber Games decided to remake the game from the ground up while giving players over a hundred stages and a wider cast of playable character. Likewise, one of the elements that players fondly remember from the Streets of Rage titles is the soundtrack and that area was not going to be left out by Bomber Games as they had five musicians create over seventy tracks for the game.

Because this was an ambitious project there have been past reports that Bomber Games got in contact with Sega to receive a thumbs up on the project production. Apparently, Sega didn’t have a problem until the title actually released.

Days after the project launched Sega hit the developers with a cease and desist forcing the game to be taken down. This had to sting for the team that spent nearly a decade to produce the remake. However, because the game was released prior to the take down notice, gamers have been keeping the game alive online but you’ll have to look a little harder for it.

#2 Hyper Dragon Ball Z

The Dragon Ball franchise has no shortage of fighting video games in its collection. However, it doesn’t stop fans from making their own fighting game for others to enjoy. For instance, Hyper Dragon Ball Z is one of the more popular free fan games which was created with the MUGEN engine.

This game includes seven game modes and over ten characters to choose from. However, over time the development team is constantly updating the game to include new characters and gameplay improvements.

There’s plenty of MUGEN fighting games to enjoy but if you’re a fan of the Dragon Ball franchise then this is one not to pass up.

#1 Pokemon: Uranium

Pokemon ROM hacks have flooded the internet and it’s really easy finding a new Pokemon game to play that wasn’t officially put out by Game Freak. However, one of the more beloved fan-made video games to release for the Pokemon franchise was Pokemon Uranium.

This was a brand new Pokemon journey experience that took place in a new region along with featuring over a hundred new unique Pokemon to collect. The story was based around a young teenager who finds himself embarking on a quest to become a Pokemon Champion. Ten years prior our hero has his life ripped apart when his mother gets killed in a nuclear catastrophe and his father become distant to avoid grief.

Raised up by his aunt, players set off on their grand quest to only learn that a new facility is being built up where the nuclear explosion had taken place. Now Pokemon have started to behave strangely and attacking innocent civilians. It’s up to the player in order to discover what’s going on and save the day.
One of the interesting aspects to this title is that players could connect online and partake in trades. With its growing popularity, Nintendo decided to extinguish the flame by sending out ceases and desist letters.

The fan-made development group initially refused and kept up with the game production post-release though eventually they caved and shut the game along with the servers down. However, much like AM2R, because the game was released online the community has continued to support it by giving it new updates and patches.


Installation 01

We can’t officially mark this on our list just yet as it’s still not available. Installation 01 is an upcoming FPS based on the Halo series. Using the Unity game engine, the fan development team is looking to bring a multiplayer-only experience. This project was in the works well before the Halo Master Chief Collection was unveiled for the PC platform so this game project may have lost some of its luster. After all, the big push from the team is to replicate the original Halo trilogy multiplayer gameplay. Most often these types of fan games are killed off by the IP owners but it seems that the team has been communicating with both Microsoft and 343 Industries so we may see it officially launch into the web. However, anything is possible so we’re hoping the project doesn’t get killed off after all the work was poured into the project.

Organ Trail

There are plenty of gamers out there who remember playing the educational game The Oregon Trail. It was present in plenty of computer labs in elementary schools and as a result, it was quite popular. However, to make things a bit more challenging three developers, Ben Perez, Michael Block, and Ryan Wiemeyer decided to make up their own development studio, The Men Who Wear Many Hats and release the video game Organ Trail.

The game is very much like The Oregon Trail but as a retro zombie survival title where the player must make their way across the United States in a station wagon. Throughout the game, players must manage resources along with gathering fuel for the car so that the party can safely make it to the end destination, a sanctuary free of zombies.

Not only did this game release as a free flash-based browser game but the developers ended up bringing the title over onto other platforms such as PlayStation 4, Android, Ios, and lastly, PlayStation Vita.

Undertale Red

Undertale is a wacky RPG created by Toby Fox. It’s full of unexpected surprises and as a result, the game became a massive hit. Overall, the game follows a child who has fallen underground and must work his way back to the surface. To to do so, players will encounter a wide range of characters, dialogue choices and a bullet hell combat system. Released back in 2015, it wasn’t long before fans started to throw their creations up online and you can find several available. One of the popular choices that most would recommend is Undertale Red.

It’s a shame to spoil the game for anyone as you’ll want to encounter it much like how you encountered Undertale for the first time. We will say playing Undertale first is a good start. The creator behind the project who goes by Taxiderby, has stated that there would be no future project for this particular game so once you complete it then you’ll have to move on to another fan game, but it’s received quite the positive reception.