Incredible Fan Games That Were Legally Taken Down

#5 Super Mario 64 HD

When Super Mario 64 released it became a hit that’s still highly regarded today. This was a system seller for the Nintendo 64 and years later a fan started to create an HD remake giving the title a much needed facelift.

The game was being developed under the name Super Mario 64 HD and it had received a master overhaul when it came to the visuals. This title was being developed through the use of Unity and players could even roam around the Bob-omb Battlefield stage from an internet web browser.

A ton of hype surrounded the game but Nintendo was quick to kill it off. The level was taken down and all that remains is a tease of what could have been an excellent remake.

#4 Fan Remake of P.T.

Konami has created a number of iconic franchises over the years though as of late the development team has not delivered too many titles for fans to enjoy. Silent Hill is just one of those franchises as it gained a large cult following since it first released on the original PlayStation.

This was a survival horror title that relied on the atmosphere to put players on edge rather than jump scares. The series spanned across a number of video game installments though after so long the installments failed to capture the same essence that the original titles were able to provide gamers.

In an interesting twist, a new Silent Hill title was announced through a playable teaser known as P.T. which was exclusive to the PlayStation 4 platform. Players had to explore a haunted house as they attempted to find clues and solve puzzles in order to beat the game. When they finally completed the demo it would be revealed that P.T. would be Silent Hills.

Fans were thrilled as the game would be under the control of Hideo Kojima however shortly after conflicts began with Hideo and Konami which resulted in the famed developer leaving the company and starting up his own studio. This also resulted in Silent Hills being canceled and the P.T. download to be removed from the PlayStation Store.

In an attempt to bring back P.T., a young 17-year-old developer created a PC version that he released online for free though days later Konami demanded that the game is pulled from online. Interestingly enough, because of the positive reception of the free download Konami offered an internship to the developer.

#3 Galaxy in Turmoil

Star Wars video games at the current moment have to go through EA as LucasArts signed a deal with the company so it didn’t come to much of a surprise when Galaxy in Turmoil got into some trouble with their Star Wars video title.

In 2013 Star Wars: Battlefront III gameplay footage leaked online which showcased a canceled project that acted more like the original Star Wars: Battlefront titles. Players were going to receive large battles that took place on the ground and in space along with a narrative story.

Upset that the project was canceled a development studio named Frontwire Studios decided to deliver a fan-made version of the game. This title looked polished and fans were instantly interested in downloading the game especially since the studio was able to strike a deal to publish it through Steam.

LucasArts eventually got involved and during a call with the development studio, they claimed the reason behind the cancellation was because of the deal with EA and that this title could sway gamers away from their Star Wars video game creations. After failing to get in touch with EA in order to get the project signed off, the studio had to shut the project down.

However, because the groundwork was already laid out Frostwire Studios they instead opted to get rid of any Star Wars characters and content in order to turn Galaxy in Turmoil into an inspired Star Wars: Battlefront game.

#2 Zelda 30 Tribute

Nintendo is usually not in favor of fan-made video games. Most often they will kill a project in order to protect their IP which may result in popular games being taken down or fail to release online to begin with. So with that said it doesn’t come to much of a surprise that Zelda 30 Tribute received the takedown notice shortly after it released.

The game was a browser-based remake of the original The Legend of Zelda video game in 3D. This was not only completely free to play but made available to play within your internet web browser.

“Nintendo asked us to remove this site for copyright infringement. I guess Zelda30Tribute was a little too pixel perfect 🙂 We’re sad about that, but we get it. We started this project because we love Nintendo and the joy they have given us throughout the years. From the start of development, we knew this result could potentially happen. Nintendo has every right to protect their IP. No complaints from us, we had a blast working on this tribute and made some friends along the way.”

Developers received the takedown notice from Nintendo and immediately removed the game. Apparently, there are no hard feelings for the developers as they stated that this game was not only a great learning experience but they managed to make a few friends along the way.

#1 Project M

Okay so technically this game never got an official takedown notice apparently but when it comes to Nintendo’s track record with fan projects the developers apparently decided to end things before legal action became an actual threat.

Project M is a mod to the 2008 release of Super Smash Bros. Brawl where the development team was attempting to bring out a more balanced and preferred fighting experience so that  the gameplay would match the previous installment, Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Outside of tweaking the gameplay Project M also brought back certain characters again such as Dr. Mario and Roy. However, in 2015 out of nowhere the development team stated that all work on the game and support has been dropped in favor to work on an original IP.

Speculation quickly spread suggesting that the game was finally caught by Nintendo but according to members of the development team, they had not received any legal notice from Nintendo but felt that it would be best to refrain from continuing their work in order to avoid any potential issues with Nintendo.